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  • We plant silvicultural material both bare-root and containerized plants
  • We mechanically service silvicultural material
  • We do juvinile thinning
  • We do pre-commercial thinning increasing the juvinile quality
  • We clean drainage ditches and beneath electric lines
  • We do soil cultivation
  • We do cone picking
  • We calculate volumes of material, which can be cut out of the forest
  • We estimate forest market value
  • We consult and advice in the matters of forestry


Our company also owns a Timberjack 1210 tractor, which is currently at work in Estonia. We do have capability, however to offer our services outside of Estonia. If you're interested, let us know.






Haarwood OÜ | Hommiku 4-8, Pärnu, Ph. 372 44 40114